Angel Rippo

 Lash Artist 

California & Texas Cosmetology licensed Professional 

NovaLash Certified Eyelash Extensionist

Billion Dollar Brow EyeBrow shaping certificate

CND Shellac Nail Sculpting Certificate 




​Lashing It Up

NovaLash EyeLash Extensions


Enhancing Natural Beauty one lash at a time. Adding Confidence to your new glow, you wake up ready.

​My Eyelash extension services are custom to you and your everyday lifestyle. We can go anywhere from mega glam dramatic to a more softer natural conservative look. NovaLash Eyelash extensions are applied separating each individual eyelash hair and applying one single tapered lash extension with a Medical grade bonding adhesive that attaches only to lash hair If Clients are known to have sensitive eyes, then a more sensitive adhesive is an option. Your extensions will naturally shed with your natural lash. Just like hair everywhere else on the body, your lashes go through three growth patterns. While keeping this in mind I apply each extension matching true integrity of each natural lash.Clients are always free to call or message me if they may have any questions.